From Where I Stand Every Day in May

I have been looking forward to May all year long! Last year I did a month long photo project called From Where I Stand Every Day in May. I chose May for two reasons; I thought it would be really fun to have my giant belly in the photo one day and a newborn baby the next and it the title of the project rhymed. I really couldn't NOT do it.

I am doing it again this year and although there will be no dramatic belly to baby transformation I am eager to capture a glimpse of my life in a bit of an unconventional way. It encourages me to leave my house more and be a bit more observant of the ground, which sounds odd but it's nice to slow down and notice the details I don't because I'm often so busy moving forward. I do not do it to document my shoes and my style sense, I'm fairly certain last year's set contains three types of footwear; flip flops, Toms and bare feet. This years will not be much different except my feet fit back into my Converse now and I have TWO pairs of Toms now.

For anyone counting that's 3 photo projects for May, Catch the Moment 365, 100 Happy Days and this one. Bring it May!

My 2013 #fromwhereistandeverydayinmay project. Looking at the photo of me standing over Zoey in her hospital bassinet is making me want to cry, in a horrible gut wrenching HOW ON EARTH WILL SHE BE ONE NEXT WEEK!?! kind of way. Aaaaaand I think I need black Toms again...

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