Post-Bath Zoey

It's taken almost a year of life for Zoey to enjoy her bath. It took squishing myself into the bath with the girls for her to finally feel safe enough to splash and play instead of clawing at me and attempting to climb out. That would mark the first and last shared bath, let's just say plugs are uncomfortable when you're the one sitting on them because you stupidly got in the bath the wrong way and the tub is too small to maneuver yourself around to the non-plug side of the tub....or something like that.

Ella so lovingly styled Zoey's hair for her. Not bad for a two year old I guess.


  1. Oh post bath baby heads are the best! Glad she's a happy camper in the bath now! What a difference that makes! :)

    1. Definitely! Also why can't my head look that cute post bath???