Easter 2014

This year was the first time Ella understood "hunting for eggs". At both grandparents' houses she had treasures to find! Papa M. asked her if the Easter Bunny had left her presents. Her response, "No, you did!" We are raising a realist apparently. 

While searching for jelly beans (my childhood tradition) Ella let out a big "oooooh!" every single time she came across a pile of candy. Zoey just tried to grab the ones that were are her eye level which did not amuse Ella.

We attempted to dye hard boiled eggs using Kool-Aid. Our house smelled sweet for two days and Ella just wanted to splash the water with the spoon but at least I can say we did *something*. 

I greatly enjoyed the four days off from school, they were more relaxing than spring break and it was really hard to drag myself back to work on Tuesday morning. 

Before bed on Monday night Ella was telling me all about what we did for Easter and then found her pink pumpkin from October and said very loudly, "TRICK OR TREAT! We went trick or treat!"

We may have some holiday confusion happening here...

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